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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nail it!- Nail health, tips and more

Nail health
First and foremost what is the secret to overall health and beauty? HYDRATION! You hear it all the time drink plenty of water and moisturize. Believe it or not many of you neglecting your nails and it can cost you. Spreading your luxurious lotions all over your hands and body is a good start, but putting extra care to your fingers tips will make a world of a difference. 

Oiling your nails is very simple and inexpensive  It is also anti-aging, prevents breakage and promotes growth. Rub some oil all around the nail and cuticle. You don't need fancy cuticle/nail oil; extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil will do just fine! Both of these oils are loaded in the vitamins our skin needs, especially vitamin E. I sometimes do an oil soak in a bowl with my evoo. If that's too much work for you, simply rub some in while you cook or here is a neat trick I came across on youtube. Do not forget to get some under your nail. The nail bed is porous just like skin it just it will absorb and dry up nicely, but oil takes more time to penetrate.

**FOR THE FELLAS- a woman loves a strong but smooth hand on her. So don't neglect this area.  Take care of your hands and your woman will never get enough of your touch. Nobody needs to know you rub olive oil on your fingers/hands while you cook. ;)

For more on the benefits of extra virgin coconut oil click here.

What shapes is best for your nail type?

One of the biggest comebacks of 2012 was the classic round nail, and there are variations of the round nail as demonstrated in the picture above. I believe the almond was the most popular of the round nail family last year. I Don't think round is going anywhere in 2013, but perhaps going for what is more ideal for your finger type is the way to go this year. No worries I am going to conjure up a complex chart and set of rules.

Short & Wide nail-bed-

Pay close attention if this is you...The short and wide type of nail-bed will not benefit from the square and almond shape. While square has been the way to go for almost 20 years, it really did nothing good for this type of nail. It tends to look very heavy on this nails type and the almond shape can weaken your nails. Weak nails don't grow very well!

I had a few friends with small and wide nail-beds. I alway thought it looked very odd when got their square acrylics. I think that's where flared nails originated from; I find those very unflattering BTY. Oval, round are best for this type. You might be able to get away with square round (squoval).

Long & Narrow nail-bed-

If you have a more narrow and longer nail bed, you have more flexibility, almost any shape will work for you. Ideally don't want your finger tips looking wider than the rest of your finger or hand. I would just watch out for going too pointy if creepy isn't your thing. ;)

Going Natural- 
When doubt, going short and natural. It is very classy. I love playing with shapes and colors but you can never go wrong with what God gave you! The natural shape and growth of a nail is round...

Check out this shape-
Oblique/Slanted nails made an appearance aprox. 2011, but I think we'll see more of this shape in 2013. Any nail-bed type can pull this look off!

Hopefully on your next mani you'll more feel confident making the right choice for you. Trends unarguably have their rightful place in this world, but we are evolved to make better choices. It's all about knowing what is right for your type and putting it to good use. ;) If you feel your nail type falls somewhere in the middle or outside these two  categories discussed check out this blog. It goes more in-depth on explaining the best nail shape for you! My favorite shape is 'squoval' and oval. 
The more you go against your natural shape the weaker your nail becomes. Round or Oval is ideal for all nail types because you will achieve the most long and healthy nail. Knowledge is power!

oXo, J train out! :)



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