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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coconut Oil Love

I have to share my new love for coconut oil. For a while I have known it’s topical benefits. I use it on my lips, a little on my hair and scalp. I was treating my husband’s severe dry skin, and an infected cut he had. Off the top of my head, I know that coconut oil is, antifungal, antibacterial, all that anti bad stuff, and a great hydrator for skin and hair! Coconut oil is natural, and it is not processed. I know I sound like a sales girl right now, but I promise you I am not. When I know something is beneficial to your health, I like to share it with my friends and loved ones. I am just getting started, because in my research I have come across more information that just made coconut oil my #1 choice. I still like my ‘EVOO’ but ‘EVCO’ (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) has won my heart.

Here is what I have learned so far from these two awesome websites, and You’ve got give credit where it’s deserved right? I am only going to summarize some of the highlights that I felt stood out to me the most. Feel free to check out the rest for yourself. For the skin, anti aging, prevents sagging, age spots, and chemically balances the skin. For the hair, it’s like a leave-in, but better. Not only does it condition and add shine to your hair, it promotes a dandruff free scalp, and prevents lice& lice eggs! Lice pretty much run away from this stuff. I know moms are going to love that. It’s heart healthy, and has many medicinal agents for many diseases, and illnesses. I also read it helps with weight loss. I did hear about this on Dr. Oz I am not sure how this works yet. So I wouldn’t go taking shots of coconut oil yet. I was reading however, that people that have been cooking with coconut oil for most of their life are typically not over weight.

Since I have started cooking with coconut oil, I have discovered new flavors in my cooking. At first I was nervous. I kept thinking to myself, “how can what I use on my skin be good on my food?” Finally I took the dive and decided to make my favorite scramble with my lip moisturizer! I slapped about a tbsp on the pan, and immediately my senses opened up, the aroma was incredible. I scrambled and poured in as usual, served it on a plate. My husband and I look at each other as we took our first bite. We closed our eyes and we were in bliss. It tasted like our eggs just swam in a tub of butter. ☺ We went from eggs to sautéing our veggies and chicken! Oh a grilled chicken with herbs in EVCO is heavenly! A member from ‘Facebook’ Foodies Anonymous group told me that she incorporates it her baking! That will be my next EVCO adventure.

I posted the links for you, as homage to my sources, for it was their research that allowed me provided more knowledge of this amazing fruit. Know that I also speak from experience with this All-in-one oil. I am not a doctor therefore always consult with a doctor in regards to any medical conditions or decisions. You can find extra virgin coconut oil almost anywhere, especially health and whole food stores. I hope I have brought new flavor and joy into your life with this. Best wishes to you all!

oXo, J

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