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Friday, February 28, 2014

iPhone vs. Andriod

You are ready for an upgrade. You walk into the mobile store and your eyes are wandering around on all the gadget candy available to you. After playing around with a few devices it all boils down to either the iPhone or Android. Both of them feel so right in your hands and you cannot decide which one will come home with you. Perhaps I can assist with this vital decision you are about to make. A good question to ask yourself is: “What do you need this device to do?” Answering that question for you would be difficult, but we can look at some of the personality traits of these devices. This applies to tablets as well.

The iPhone is the popular kid in school. It is in shape; it has the hottest possible shell that comes in many colors and sizes. Choose the size wisely because once you buy it, you cannot increase the capacity. It is quite user friendly therefore it can get along with almost anyone. However, it won’t just hand you all the goods for free. There are many free apps in the app store, but you are going to have to pay for most of the tops ones. It can do almost anything you want, but for a price. Mobile browsing is not it’s strongest feature, but if you are not planning to surf the Internet too much then this won’t be a big issue. Not bad for a smart jock, but perhaps it won’t fulfill your nerdy needs.

The Android is the geek who is top of his class. It’s always researching and keeping up with technology. It has ambition and strives to break the barriers in the mobile world. It is not afraid to try new things, even if it means working its way through minor glitches. Best of all, you don’t have to put much thought into the brain size of this device. Most Droids come with expandable memory that provided some flexibility if you low-balled the anticipated space requirements needed and the browser works like a charm. It cost little to nothing to customize and make this device entertaining, but you have to know what you are doing. The iPhone does most of the work for you, but the Droid requires a little more thinking to get it to warm up to you.

Now it is up to you. Which device fits your personality and needs? The ‘iDevices’ maybe be a little harsh on your pockets, but if comfort and convenience is what you need then it’s worth the price. If you like customizing and do not mind a challenge, the flexibility of the Droid is what you need. What about a Windows phone you ask? I feel that one has a little growing up to do in the mobile world.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leftover spaghetti recipe

Ever wonder what you could do with leftover spaghetti? Here is a very fast and versatile recipe I learned from my mom.
I had about 2 cups of pasta leftover so I will work with that... (angel hair, linguine, and spaghetti work best)

Heat up a pan with your favorite oil as if you were frying an egg.
2 cups of cold cooked pasta ready
1/2 - 1 tablespoon of adobo.
1 tsp of black pepper
*or you can use your favorite all purpose seasoning or spices.*
4 eggs beat in a large bowl.
Pour in your pasta and seasoning
Mix around with your fork.

Here's were you can get real creative. You can add your favorite veggies as you would on an omelette. Throw in some parmesan cheese. If you want to use another cheese like, mozzarella or cheddar, I suggest you use it as a topping for when it's done. Use diced up ham or turkey, I've even used spam. As I said, you can get real creative. Today I'm keeping it simple and basic which is still very delicious!

Once the oil is hot I like to cook a small amount of the pasta just to make sure that it is seasoned to your taste.
*Start off light on the seasoning, you can always add more!*
Use fork to place pasta in pan tongs to flip.
Cooking to golden brown on each side is ideal.
Place over paper towels to soak oil up.
*You may use pam and/or eggwhites if you want to save calories.
Honestly its so much better fried. :-)

Feel free to share your creations and feedback. I can't wait to hear from you. Enjoy readers!

oXo, J

Sources: my kitchen ;-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Matisyahu- Feel good musc

Check out Matisyahu's new vibe and fresh tracks. These new tunes are very acoustic and raw.  If you are looking to get into a positive vibe, with encouraging messages search no further. It does not matter if you are religious or not, his lyrics can really lift the your spirits up! Sunshine is my favorite track. Hope you enjoy the free listen readers... :)

Click here
Matisyahu Gets Intimate on 'Spark Seeker: Acoustic Sessions' Album Premiere | Music News | Rolling Stone:

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oXo, J

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trend Alert- Jumpsuits 2013, Fashion or Fad?

As previously mentioned here, last year, jumpsuits are really making a strong reappearance in stores and in high fashion. There is fine line between fashion and fad especially when it comes to jumpsuits. It doesn't look flattering on everyone, therefore I strongly advise you look hard in the mirror before you buy, especial my curvy plus size readers. Very rarely do I find these appealing to my fashion senses, but here are some jumpsuits that have my approval.

This one is my favorite. Available in petite and plus size! Shop Now

This one might be more fit for various body types. Available in petite/plus size! Shop Now

See what I mean buy hit or miss? She is profession and beautiful model....

This one is quite versatile. Shop now reg. sizes

Love how it looks like 2 pieces =] Shop now

It's safe to say that these might go viral for spring/summer 2013. What are your thoughts readers? Will you be rocking these looks this year?

oXo, J

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My DIY Vitamin C Peel


Hope this helps!

oXo, J

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mad Men- Season 6 Predictions

In the very first episode of mad men we meet the back of the notorious Don Draper slick hair. It begins in the very early 1960's where a bit of the late 50's still lingered. The pin-ups, the very classy glamour, men in there three-piece suits, cigarettes and lots of derogatory statements towards women.

The early to mid 60's came and went. Suits have gotten more simple and laid back, women have become more daring and loosened up their girdles. With the finale of Mad Men's season 5 we just entered the late 60's.

The late 60's get's real interesting. With the sexual revolution at its brink, we should be seeing many of our favorite characters change dramatically. The golden era innocence flew out the picket fence, music is changing, fashion is changing. Roger Sterling was still set in his three-piece suit last season, but he certainly knows how to party now, wink wink. Maybe Don is changing too? There's no telling what Don decided to do with the PYT's offer in the last episode.

We can continue speculating, but there there are so many directions the next season can take us. However, what we do know is how the late 1960's looked. It was psychedelic, big bouffant hair, the shag, vibrant colors, art, drugs, and legendary music! So let's have a little fun with that. :)

Will Don steer away from his sharp suits, hair wax, and trench? Don's an old dog set in his ways. I'm hoping to see him is more colors. Perhaps he'll need glasses; could clue in others about his real age. Ooo...

In the last season I think we saw the beginning of his mid-life crisis. Will Roger be a little more groovy?

If Joan remains to be the bombshell she is, she will remain sexy. If so we may see some very cute Brigitte Bardot looks! Selling her soul the way she did last season could really do some damage, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

She will continue to be very professional. With the people she's been hanging around, lets hope she starts to let loose when she's not at work. We've seen her take risks before, so perhaps she will go with the very short famous 60's mod bob. :)

This can go two ways; disaster or reinvention. She deserves a second chance, the writers have my permission to turn Don into the fat toad. If Betty breaks out of her cocoon she will stick to her classy ways, but will be on trend. Late's 60's Audrey fashion would fit her well.


Meg's new found fame will change her, even if its only 15 minutes of fame. A little Liz Taylor, a little artsy, or hippie maybe?

Somebody has to go Shag... Might as well be Peter. He is going through so much with his job and his marriage. Would be nice to see him be young and wild for a change. He is probably the least favorite Mad Man, but he could use a break. His hard work has to pay off some how or perhaps be his undoing?


Till next time readers, hope you enjoyed! Drop a comment. -_^

oXo, J

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Say no to Poo! - WEN Vs. Hair One

My Type- Curly
My Issues, Dryness and Dry Scalp

The Beginning-
About two years ago I stopped using Shampoo. It all started when I saw the famous WEN commercial. After seeing Chaz Dean's hair, and the models before's and afters, it was hard to resist! I got my first bottles of WEN from QVC. It was one of those trios. After my first wash I instantly loved it. I noticed the difference in my hair right away. I wasn't as frizzy, and took very little work to tame my curly unruly hair!

I did notice after a few day that there was a but of a transitional thing happening. I am not sure this happens to everyone, but it did to me. My scalp would get a little itchy only after a day and I noticed some build up. So my hair washing days increase temporarily.

Being a cosmetologist, I know have to allow your skin and scalp to balance itself out with it's natural secretions. Shampooing everyday would kill my hair, but using the cleansing conditioner almost everyday didn't cause any issues at all. It only improved more and more. Cleansing conditioner does not have the harsh hair stripping chemicals shampoos has. So it would seem that using harsh shampoos since I was born surely did a number on my scalp so I guess it was healing itself. My hair and scalp are healthier now and I wash it every 3-4 days. Remember I am not a doctor so always consult your doc especially if you are prone to allergic reactions.

Change in Routine-
Before cleansing conditioner my I would shampoo, repeat, condition. Then about every 2-4 shampoos I would have to wash my hair with Head & Shoulders dry scalp for flake prevention, and a in-shower 3 min deep condition. After my shower comes the ritual: leave in condition (yes more conditioner), detangle, slap on some hold (gel or mousse) Plus, every other week I would do a 30 min deep condition treatment or Hot Oil treatment. Now I cleanse with my cleansing conditioner, repeat and leave in for a few minutes while I scrub my bod, rinse. Put it a dab of cleansing conditioner, it serves as leave-in as well. A little hold (gel or mousse) thats it! I may treat myself to a 30 min deep condition or hot oil once a month. No more need for dry scalp treatment. I use less products, thus saving me time and money!

The Mistake-
I went back to shampoo recently just to see what happens, my hair was pissed! Went back to being dry, itchy, I had to give it extra moisture. Only lasted a couple of weeks. Done with poo!

WEN VS. Hair One-
I ordered WEN if I have extra cash because they do have a wide range of scents and levels of care. Hair one does not smell as nice as WEN, but for the price it's unbeatable. It's not that it smells bad, it smells earthy. Once it's rinsed, your hair smells very nice and clean! :) Hair One does not have a big variety but it does cover all hair types from fine to curly! I must warn you, Hair One sells out fast online and at the store! So when I buy I stock up! So glad they now have a liter. That is new...

**Which ever one you pick, please make sure you read the bottle and pick the one for your hair type!

Hair One by Fiske $1.59-$27.99
.60 smaple- 1 Liter
Oder at Sally Beauty Online or Avail in stores! (sign up for discounts at store)

If you can Afford it...  6oz- 1 gallon (no single samples)
Wen by Chaz Dean $18.00- $210  *Great Deals on QVC!

Hope this blog was enjoyable and helpful! 

oXo, J

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