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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Give good face- Skin Care Tips

Your face, we all want to take care of it. We go and buy anything that promises great results! What I learned as a cosmetologist as long as you cleanse, tone, and moisturize you will be fine! When you are picking your cleanser, READ THE LABEL!!! If it has alcohol, no good, for the exception of "cetyl alcohol" it is considered a fatty emollient, not really alcohol. Fragrance is a no no! Read the label well you can find this in active and inactive ingredients. My skin is very fussy and it does not need an ounce of fragrance. Believe it or not even a fragrant free soup like "Dove Beauty Bar" will do the trick! However, it is usually recommended for normal skin, but give a try for 2 weeks, use a warm wash cloth to exfoliate! DO NOT EXFOLIATE MORE THAN TWICE A WEEK! You should always let your skin be once in a while. Another good alternative to those expensive cleansers is "Cetaphil gentle skin" cleanser for those that are affraid to try bar soap. Its very gentle, soap free and fragrance free! I also love their moisturizer for sensitive skin. If you really want to be brave try using organic extra virgin coconut oil as a night cream it has worked wonders for me. Don't forget to use sunscreen even in the winter time. Best to use one that made for the face and I try to go for nothing less than 30 SPF.

I leave you with this thought, think about, all the abuse your skin gets with all these so called products that say "if you use cleanser use our moisturizer if you use ths this moisturizer use this pore reducer" Don't make the mistake of putting to much on your skin, your body is made to clean itself, the oils that you see on your face, those oils are pH balancing your skin if you don't give it a chance to do its magic it will never correct itself! Why have I taken the time to spread this wisdom? Lately I have been rock bottom broke! All I have is soap and water to clean myself! hahaha! My skin has been clearing up and improving dramatically! I tend to skip a day with my skin care regimen, this might not work for everyone. Those with oily skin should consider finding the right moisturizer, a lot of oily skin issues are caused by dry skin, and face product overkill.

I know this sound repetitive but please read the label and stay away from fragrance and pore clogging oils like mineral oil. Coconut oil is the only oil that known for being absorbed by the skin, it doesn't just lay on top of the skin. For more information on the benefits of coconut oil read this blog. If you can afford best consult a skin doc, but these days who as the money for that. All we can do is trial by error, and reviews like this as guidance. Thank so much for taking the time to read. Drop a comment and follow me on facebook and twitter!

*I am not doctor, and all skin types are different. I am only here to share my experiences and opinions, beware that I am not qualified to give medical advice. always consult your physician!*

Next week I will get into Mineral Make up, and the ingredients you should to watch out for ;O)

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Dissolved Girl said...

Great post.

One important thing, do not forget sun screen! Even in the winter time! :-)

Lulu J said...

OMGosh Yes! Sun Screen! Sun Screen is your best friend, look for Oil and Fragrance free sun screens! ;O)

Cesar said...

Well i just use dry face cream lol and it works..

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