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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fashion Forecast 2016

Seeing lots of stripes, turquoise, yellows and whispy florals. The 90s looks are still going strong with accessories like chokers, mini backpacks, chunky heels and ruffled socks are making an appearance believe it or not! 👀 There's going to be much emphasis on stripes and turquoise, possibly well into the summer. Prepare to see it on many essentials, shoes, accents... the works. Once we transition to Fall/Winter, I foresee soft pink and icey blues with some brown. We saw lots of texture and angles last year in hair, since lips have gone matted, perhaps hair will become more heavy and blunt! Going to keep this one short and sweet. Stay linked for updates. Follow me on twitter and @theminimuse on instagram! Oxo 💕

Photo Refs:
TY Forever21

TY Torrid


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