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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Dance Hits- Spring 2014

The nostalgia just hit me. So many of these new tracks coming out are oozing that good old 90’s dance/house flavor. We like to complain sometimes when too many things from the past get recycled. However, if you are a dance music fan and from the 90’s, these tracks right here will make you wiggle right in your seat.

"Hideaway" by Kiesza

This track is a blast from the past. The vocals and that dance groove are a 90’s throwback but fits right into today. Canadian born Navy girl, now representing Brooklyn, is laying down some clean, strong and authentic notes. Don't believe me? Check out the live performance right here.

"My Love" by Route 94 Feat. Jess Glynne 

It does not always take many lyrics to create a good song. Back in the day, many of the first original house/dance songs were complied of a few catchy ad-libs and/or just the right phrase to get you into the zone. The video is quite 'trippy' and steamy, so a fair warning to sensitive and touchy out there. Nevertheless the video is all in infrared and visually intriguing. If you don't mind a little sexuality then check out here.  

 "Sleepless" (Radio Edit) but Cazzette-
The name says it all. This one is more ‘nu’ than ‘ol skool, a perfect mix of the modern and the old. As soon as the beat picked up into it's climax it took me back. Reminded me of Daft Punk, but still distinct in their own way.

Hope you enjoy these fresh tunes. If so, please share and comment. Tweet me and Like my page if you feel my flow.

oXo, J 




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