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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SOCIALBLISS- A new fashion frenzy!

Socialbliss is my new addiction. A place where the novice and fashionably savvy can share and explore. You can really let loose and post all you want with the Spot it button!

See something cute while on a shopping venture? SPOT IT! Saw something online that tickled your fashion senses? SPOT IT! Are you looking extra fabulous and you want to show off? Spot yourself! Are you having a fashion dilemma or looking for some hair and make-up advice? Spot yourself and ask for some feedback. Either way, you or your spot might be declared HAUTE, you never know...

The Socialbliss environment is a close knit community of fashion/beauty lovers. I have already connected with an amazing bunch of innovators who inspire me and make me feel at home. So join the fun, get creative and follow me "The Mini Muse™".

Here's a Venn Diagram I made for my more visual audience to help you understand what and who is on Socialbliss. Hope to see you around! -_^ ❤
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