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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sage English - Molly $mackson Ft. Jae Swaggs - YouTube

Sage English - Molly $mackson Ft. Jae Swaggs - YouTube:

'via Blog this'

Really feeling this guy's groove. Wanted to share it with my readers. Warning to those who are overly sensitive about explicit language, drugs and music. You might thing that this is just another party and get wasted song but it's actually a little more deep than that. Open up your ears a little. I guess this song is sort of like a painting; we all might look at in a different way. Enjoy and leave some feedback!

Lulu J out -_^ oXo!


Swaggs Beats said...

This is Jae Swaggs, thank you for posting our music love. Please keep supporting Sage English and Jae Swaggs. We are releasing a new video tommorrow. Follow me on twitter for the link baby and thank you. Twitter: JaeSwaggs

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