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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Grind Theory Review

Special Guest The Grind Theory 04/09 by Lulu Kitty J TGC Host | Blog Talk Radio:

I am sure you are asking yourself what is The Grind Theory; is it a band, is it theme? The Grind Theory is a one-man show, and he likes to also to refer to himself as “the smartest kid in special Ed”. When first entered his website at, I saw pink. The end… Just kidding of course. Straight men that can rock pink are definitely in my cool file. Digital sex begins to play as soon as the site loads. If the percussion and the guitar do not lure you in his voice will absolutely capture you. His music took me back to my teenage years. I have not heard a collage of sound like this since the 90’s. After all he is an 80’s kid, like myself therefore most of his influences come from the music artist I admired growing up.

Not only is his music a breath of fresh air, he himself is a dynamic individual. When I interviewed him on my blog radio show last night, his energy sparkled. He was very easy to talk to, and he was such a gentleman with an edge. With a track like “Use you” I was expecting someone a little more pretentious, but he was a total charmer. Come to think of it, most bad boys are charmers! Although he did confess to cheating on his last girlfriend, try not to hold that against him. His confession was more like a humble acknowledgment; most men aren’t mature enough to pull that off. His sincerity is one of his best qualities. His music will set a new tone into the music industry and I get the feeling we have only seen a chip off the iceberg.  

If you want to get to know The Grind Theory a little better, you should check out the interview on Totally Geek Chic. Go to, register and download his tracks for FREE! :)  Stay linked with me on Twitter and Facebook as I continue to search for new music and talent.

Bringing you the best of both worlds,

Lulu J -_^ oXo



DonPan82 said...

Great review, great show and great music!

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