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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lulu's list of workouts for people that do not like working out

As promised on the show here is goes!

Lulu's list of workouts for people that do not like workingout

What I love about Zumba is the Latin dancing is that it targets those abs. This is far more than just a fad; it is here to stay. Zumba classes and parties are everywhere! You might not make it through a whole hour class at first, but the best thing about this is you can go at your own pace. 

Walking around the mall
Have you ever really calculated how much you walk in mall when you are shopping? Team up with a friend you'll yap and browse 2 or 3 miles in before you know it.

Keep it real simple and fun! Make a 20-30 minute playlist and 'shake what your momma gave ya', or just go out and dance! There people who organize dance parties and group event. Or kick it up a notch and put these event together for your friends. It is such a entertaining way burn hundreds of calories and time flies when you are having fun.

Water Aerobics
The one thing us fat people do not like to do is sweat, however you will be out of breath! If you are lucky enough to live near an indoor pool dive right in! Zumba has actually started offering aqua zumba, which makes the calorie burn even higher! If your local indoor pool does not have classes it is real simple to jog around your pool and/or learn a few routines online!☺

Video Game workouts
This one is for my freaks and geeks. Forget about the clique on all we do is sit around eat and play on the computer all day. There are no excuses with games like "Just Dance" and even "Zumba" you can take working out to the next level. Us gamers love to compete and that will keep you moving!

Also known as the mini trampoline. You have to do your research because there is a certain way you should place your feet. Some experts say that 10 minutes of bouncing is equivalent to a 20 mins jog. (don't quote me) Here is a very helpful vid…
You should also check out their jogging tutorial! ☻

*I am not doctor so always consult a Doc when you start something new! Lulu wants you to be safe but I have no responsibility over your decision. ♥ Stay safe and informed! ♥

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