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Friday, November 4, 2011

Geek Chic Fashion?

Has "Geek" been filed in to the category of cool? If so some might see as good or perhaps bad. There probably is a reason to celebrate, but is it wrong to feel cheated? Yes, it mimicking is the highest form of flattery, but seriously everyone is rocking the geek look lately. Everywhere I look now there is geek here...

A geek there!
Well he is a Gleek, so :) I approve! But Britney? :0/ Really?!
Madonna!!! I saw this at the checkout line :) She can wear tin foil and I will still love her!
Though I can appreciate wide range of plastic geek chic frames and gear that are now available by the truck loads, but holy fashion fad batman! A fad is definitely a title we do not deserve! We all know how fashion works, "one day your in and the next day your out". -Klum Perhaps Will geeks remain the cool kids now have made our mark in fashion? I guess am prepared to be the underdog again, are you? I have always been considered to be odd, and I normally do not follow fads, but on the other hand if it looks good on me I wear it. I was the girl who wore pencils skirts and sashes on my hair in the 90's where pin up was not in style at all! I have, and always will be a lover of the old skool, and all my techie/geeky things whether they are in or out! ^~^ TTFN! oXo, J


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