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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Where's my water?" Review

Angry Birds Weekly: “Where’s my water” Review | Angry Birds:

'via Blog this' On the last Angry Birds Weekly a new contender emerged and bumped Angry Birds from its #1 rank in the app world. I have downloaded and played the game, just like I promised to do so. I can’t say I regret spending my dollar on this app. The game begins with meeting swampy the adorable alligator that wants to take a bath. Some of these gators have been up to no good chewing through the pipes, and poor swampy can’t shower. :( At first the game was too easy, but do not be fooled by the first couple of stages. The game eases you into the more challenging stages. At first my impression was, this is for kids. In some sense it really is, but as it the stages got harder the more interesting it got. In the pictures below is the 4th stage, you dig through to get the water flowing to swampy, but there is more to it. You see those little ducks, depending on how much dirt you remove determines how the water flows, and to get an excellent score you must fill all of the ducks with water! Notice the difference in the dirt removal just as it hits the first duck. Only because I left more dirt on my first try the water flowed down. Over all the game is fun. Will this be as big as Angry Birds? Not sure, but I am leaning toward no. Only because it just does not seem as free spirited as Angry Birds. Sure it is number one right now, but I do not see this gamem holding rank as long as Rovio did. The game might be a little childish for some, but I am a puzzle lover. If you have already played Where’s my water, please tell us what you thought of it. Would I recommend it? Yes, but only if you like puzzles. Hope you all have a wonderful new week! Squawk Squawk! ;)


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