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Saturday, September 24, 2011

iHeartRadio Music Festival

iHeartRadio Music Festival - iHeartRadio - Free Online Radio - Listen to 750+ Live Radio Stations

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Last night I stood up late watching the iHeartRadio music festival. The festival will be streaming again tonight 7 PT time. Part one was quite spectacular despite all of the bleeps! Especially when Jay-Z came on. Some of his songs were completely bleeped out ruining the whole performance. I do not understand the censorship: #1 kids have heard worse in school. #2 a child not old enough to watch PG-13 should be in bed, and #3 It is the fracking Internet! I will be tuning in tonight for part two, and try my best to stay up for the whole thing. I am not looking forward to the bleeps, but hopefully they paid close attention to the complaints last night.

I scored the Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray; I had been waiting for years surviving only on episodes 4, 5, and 6. Which is not bad, but I held off in the temptation of buy the rest. Deep downside I knew that Lucas would do this; the force told me so.

My show has been postponed for a while. I will still try to keep the Facebook Fan page up-to-date and full of awesomeness. Just when I have a show lined, something comes up! I am hoping to comeback with more consistency for season two. As time passes more and more I feel that I might just have to stick with the random scheduling of the show. I know my fan base is small, but I appreciate every single ounce of support. I seek no fame with Geek Chic Radio. The show allows me to do what I live for; discover and share the knowledge with you all.


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