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Monday, August 22, 2011

Push my buttons (Game Boy swim suit)

Game Boy swimsuit is the sexiest video game you have ever seen | DVICE

What will they think of next? Would you wear it? I am all for the "ol skool throw back" but can we move forward, or is that we have ran out of awesome ideas? The vintage 00's was so last decade. I am ready for some new looks, and designs. Don't get me wrong I will always adore and rock the vintage, but I just feel like we are frozen in time. Everything is being recycled even movies.

On a positive blah, it is nice to see that so many of us find peace in the wonderful things of our past. Perhaps on the inside we wall wish we were kids again. I almost threw out a denim dress from the 90's. I know that was the staple of terrible fad, but I for some reason I could not let it go. No worries, it does not fit me anymore. :) Sometimes I wish that things like the baby doll could make a come back. Hey maybe that can be the new vintage look? I can see the 90's making a come back soon. I just hope it is done right, there have already been a few failed attempts.




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