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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just grateful

The D.C. area felt the strength of the 5.9 earthquake in Mineral, VA today. This area of VA is rural, which is why there is seems to be more panic in the surrounding populated cities.

At around late 3p.m. I felt a slight tremor, but I thought it could have been related to the construction outside. As the tremor began to get stronger and stronger, I jumped up and focused on my surroundings. This had to have been like an automatic survival mode trigger. I started to hear something crumble, "is my roof caving in"? I made a mad dash down the stairs and out the door as soon as my house felt like a fun house, it felt like a wave; I was no longer on solid ground.

When I got outside, I was the only one standing there. I rang my both of my neighbors doorbells and nobody was home. I was terrified, shaking and I could barely hold my phone. My fingers were so unstable I do not know how I was able to dial, but I could not get a call through. At that moment I could my heart beat slowing down, I was a alone and nobody is going to help me. Earthquakes do not happen here often, in fact it is truly a new experience for me. I was too terrified to go back to my house. Finally, the sales girl from the sales office walked out in bewilderment as well, and said that it was an earth quake.

You have to understand, I lived in a building where a bus crashed into it, I thought something hit my house. I cried about twice so far, but I am here to say that I so grateful that my house is in tact. I am okay, and so are my friends and family. It is only natural that I am still a bit shaken up, but I am truly grateful to be alive right now. I can't wait till husband gets home. I won't be cooking today! lol

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