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Friday, July 29, 2011

Paradiso Ristorante

As a picky Italian food eater, I have searched high and low for the right Italian restaurant in the “DMV.” (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) I am pretty awesome at cooking Italian, but once in while a girl’s gotta dine out. The letter of the day is V for Virginia and there you will find Paradiso, which means Paradise, located in Alexandria, VA. It’s all about the sauce when it comes to Italian cuisine, and the sauce here is perfect! It has the right consistency, flavor, and most importantly it is low in acidity. (Italians know what I’m tawkin about) The Mozzarella is fresh, the menu is loaded with choices and the deserts are a true delight. ! My complements to the staff; they were professional and welcoming at the same time. The restaurant features a lunch buffet, dinner, late nights with live music, and an amazing brunch buffet! I have feasted every theme they offer. On this blog I will be presenting the amazing and very affordable lunch buffet featuring a variety of entrée’s, sides, pizza, pastas, salad, and of course dessert!

Here we have the pizza and pasta bar. Fresh bake pizza pies and pasta dishes on demand. The pizza flew so fast I could not get a shot of a whole pie, mama mia! The slices are perfectly size for the buffet and the crust was perfect!I don’t know how but I managed to fit in 2 slices of pizza, 2 pasta dishes, and desert. In the photo we have my Carbanora, and my husband’s Cacciatori. I also enjoyed the Garlic and Olive oil with a little spice, which was my favorite.

The dessert area dressed in cake and ice cream. I enjoyed a delicious butter cream cake with a side of ice cream, and I made it fit. All this for $22, they gave us a VIP discount so our total ended up being $20. I am not sure if it is a new program or if it’s because we are regulars. Even without the discount we would have left with the same big smiles and full bellies.


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