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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids of tomorrow

Is the future looking bright or grim? I was out with my husband, eating breakfast; he suddenly has that look on his face. The look where I can tell he just saw something odd. So he tells me as low as he can, “You should see the kid behind you, she is using her crayons like a Stylus!” I slowly turned around and he was right. I found that quite disturbing, I know that there are still some kids that still know how to color like most of us did back in the day. I just find it quite disturbing to see a child coloring that way. If you stop and look around for a moment, try to count how many kids do you see holding a regular toy or book v.s. a kid facing down playing with some kind of electronic device. Are we really moving forward here or possibly sending our kids to a static and very cold future? If a child doesn’t know how to step away from the gadgets, how will the people of tomorrow be?

Imagine a society where it’s all about staring at a screen, and not stopping to smell the roses once in a while. Would we have anymore Michelangelo’s or Mozart’s? How about innovators like the Beatles, Madonna, Warhol? Are we becoming those ‘fat baby’ looking people from “Wall-E?”


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