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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The old folk of tomorrow

More than likely when you think of retirement homes, and the old folks partying. You think of bingo night, slow ballroom dancing, and an old jazz orchestra playing in the background. Will this be us 40 or 50 years later? Could you honestly say that we are as classy as the last 2 or 3 generations?

I have thought of this for a very long time, and giggle quietly to myself. However, today a tweet posted by Seth MacFarlane finally forced this thought out of me,” It’ll be weird when the "old people names" aren't Harold, Walter, Edna, or Mildred, but Tyler, Logan, Hunter, Ashley, and Brittany. Ew." (S. Macfarlane, 2010 twitter) I can see it now, somewhere between 2050-2060, the new classic hairstyle will consist of the 'emo' origin. The Dress code: Gentleman, in skinny jeans, hoodies, and Ladies in furry boots, tight jeans, and ‘bling’. Oh come on, you know there are going to be those that do not feel old, and are set in their ways! Of course there might be some that are down with the new 50's or 60's, and dress fashionably appropriate for their age.

Whichever category you fall under nothing will change the fact that when the music starts, and it takes you back to the time you were shaking your tail feather, doing the "running man", or the "dougie", you will probably be the first to stand up and yell "that’s my jam!” and be the life of the party. The way we dance at the clubs now, is the way our parties are going to look like when we are trying to live out the final days of our lives in happiness! xD We are going to be some naughty old people, 'Bumpin' and 'Grindin' to Ludacris, or getting wild and crazy with your girls to Lady Gaga. Oh, and don’t kid yourself, even if you are the quiet shy type sitting and watching the mayhem, you are going to be jamming to groove; bopping your head, perhaps with your glass in the air, or swaying side to side. Yup I said it, and I say this with nothing but love!

X to the O


Seth Macfarlane (2010) Retrieved from internet,!/SethMacFarlane


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