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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In my purse

Besides the obvious, there are two things I cannot leave the house without; my “Blackberry” and my “iPod touch”. The battle between “Android” and “iPhone” is very hot topic within the techie world. I owned a “MyTouch”, a well-known “T-mobile” phone, for about a year. For the most part I loved it. It was fun, addicting, and all the free apps were just a delight. However, I could not help but miss my old blackberry curve’s battery life.

I honestly had no complaints about it. I just wanted to see what the android experience was like. As long as the battery was going the “MyTouch” was my all in one. Being a slave to the plug got old very quick. A full charge would last around 6 hours with heavy usage. I eventually threw my hands up and happily went back to my blackberry. I decided to upgrade to the “Blackberry Bold 9700”. I am a heavy user, I text, talk, blog and tweet. I can go the whole day without charging that phone. One full charge every morning is all I need. Some days, I can go a day and a half. It has a wonderful camera with LED flash which take great pictures and records videos in the dark. If you are a social networker and you are on the go. This phone will not let you down.

Since, I also missed the games and quirky apps. I decided to invest in an iPod touch. I couldn’t afford the iPad so it’s mini me would do just fine. It’s my organizer and my entertainer. I have an app that allows me to build a shopping list as I go on about my life. Which by the way, it is greener to go paper free. I have games, my music and quick notes. When I have wifi access, it becomes my mini computer. I can check emails, surf the web, manage my bank account and so much more. All the fun of the iPhone, without the bill!

I don’t know what I would do without my blackberry and iPod. I feel prepared for anything with these two gadgets in my purse. I would feel lost without them.

If you’d like more details and specs on these products visit the links below:



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