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Friday, August 27, 2010

The best things in life are free! Especially Music....

If you are a music lover, like me, you sometimes find yourself growing bored of your playlist. When this happens, I go on quest for new music. A few weeks ago while on my hunt for fresh tunes, I bumped into the artist of the week on iTunes; which is sometimes a hit or miss. To my surprised they were featuring a Latin artist. That immediately caught my attention. Her name is Ana Tijoux, she comes from Chile and hip-hop is her specialty! I clicked on preview and within 10 seconds I found myself moving my head to. Her flow instantly drew me in as she began to rap, the strength and passion in her voice was sharp yet elegant. I have not heard something this smooth and effortless in a very long time. The up and coming Chilean artist's album is available on iTunes. Go and sample her music now or you can always click on the link below to check out her new single featured on iTunes "1977".  If you do not understand Spanish, no worries; Music is a universal language. It breaks all barriers and unites us. Enjoy!

Peace love and music!
xo, J

Click_here for the Video



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