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Friday, July 9, 2010

A very happy anniversary! ^_^

As I waited for my husband to get out of work, I was primping up. My husband had told me he had a big surprise. He is not too good at thinking of gifts for me, neither is he the rose petal throwing extravagant type of guy. Then again, we aren't the rose petal type of couple. So I was thinking in my mind, "eh maybe roses chocolates that would be cool." So finally he gets home... He tells me "Close your eyes baby!" Ok! "are they closed?" =_= YES! I hold my hands out and I feel this skinny plastic cardboard. I was like what in the O_o AHHHH!!! The sims 3 ambitions in my hands! =^_^= I smiled so big it hurt! He told me my face completely lit up! xD

Later that evening we got dressed up and he wine and dined me in D.C. "le sigh..." We went to Fogo De Chao a Brazilian churrascaria! We stuffed our faces and still had room for dessert. I had a lava cake and chocolate coffee, which I got carded for. It had godiva liqueur; white and dark. I was actually very strong. He dropped a few Benjamin's on me this week. All I got him was PS3 and Wii Store credit! We are such a techy couple. They should have pronounced us mr. and mrs. gamer ;)

xoxo bloggers!


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