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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Pointless Article


I have to begin with where this article went wrong, the title, "Dating guru Demetria Lucas, pointing the way to eligible black men" People especially the black community are always preaching and pulling the racial card. I don't understand why the title put emphasis on eligible "black men". I don't think this article would have been posted if the title were about eligible white men. I am just saying this because we should not be encouraging this type of thinking I believe it should have been generally speaking of available men with no specific color.

I also found the dating tips pointless, if you are not already following these basic steps in your life, then frankly you just need help. Go see shrink and change your friends if they are not telling that you look hot mess :0/ Seriously common sense folks!

I end it with this; Attention my fellow minority, coming from a hispanic with african roots, if you want racism to end it should start from the home! Don't limit yourself when it comes to love and socializing. By doing so, you already close a whole world of more opportunities to meeting more people and higher chances in meeting a "good man" ;O)


here are some of my tips;

1. make yourself approachable,smile, laugh, if you are in a bad mood stay home, or try to not let people see that you are having a bad day.

2. Don't be afraid of initiating small talk, this works at the library or club

3. Eye contact helps but don't stare, remember this is a stranger. You don't them thinking you are a stalker, or the the buffet is open for service. A quick sexy glance is than enough. This is not hard if you are already attracted to this person your eyes will say ;O)

4. In the beginning to spills your guts out, leave some mystery in your life... Keep em guess ;O) there is one thing that has the same for centuries men love a good challenge! If you tell it all right away, what will talk you talk about on your dates. Leave the personal stuff for when you are with this person on a serious level for a long time. For now talk about ideas, goals, interests... get to know each other Duh!!! -_-

I hope this helps...

P.S. I wrote this with love and respect for all, I want our planet to rise above the close mindedness!



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