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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Facebook Undercover

Has anyone been noticing the growing amount of facebook spies on your friends list. You know those people that just are added on to your page and never you never chat or talk to you, much less even call you. That is very annoying I think that is worse than being a stalker! At least a stalker gives you attention. Spies hide from you, they just watch what you do. At most they might comment on your status. I don't get it? In fact why have I not deleted them yet?

Now I am not speaking of, your mobster friends and such. I speak of someone you know or have known from your past. You are like hey look who it is =] and you add them and you get nothing out of them lol! Seriously? What do these facebook spies want from you? Don't get me wrong I like feeling like a celebrity, paparazzi, stalkers, and admirers. However, you get nothing out of a facebook spy...


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