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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The evolution of the BFF

They say finding a good friend is like finding a needle in a haystack. Think carefully of the real friends that you have had. How many of understood you and put up with you without question or a doubt. No I am not speaking of your hi and by friends, hang buddies, or clubbing pals. I Speak of the one you go to when the shit hits the fan. The friend that will not judge you and you can vent out all your drama to. Who is your BFF and how many have you had?

This is how it has worked for me; I have about 1 every 3-5 years... My BFF from J.H.S., the one from H.S., then there was the 1.5 in my college years, (1.5 long story lol maybe another blog?) I met my BFF Tara in my early 20's when I got married we lost touch, then another one came through and we grew apart as I entered my later 20's. Tara and I connected again but we are long distance BFF's. I am having a hard time finding a new BFF. The most recent one I had was awesome we had a very true understand for each other. If we ever had arguments they would be short and bitter, but then we got over it fast. "Or so I thought" lol there's a reason we broke up! xD Funny how you can actually break up with a BFF!

Now I find myself BFF-less. This is always difficult for a Diva there are a lot of things that annoy me. I dance to the beat of my own song. My friends tell me I am a lot like a cat. =^_^= meow! I am not really bossy but I am bit of a control freak and a perfectionist. My husband thinks I am sometimes preppy snob *big fat eye roll* to that, but over all I am loyal, honest, and very respectful! What more could you ask for in someone! Do people actually prefer fake? Do people like it when you don't call them on their bullshit smile in their face and tell them everything is going to be alright when you know it is not? Well maybe some do and I respect that however, that is not the kind of friends I want in my life. If I want to feel safe you can give me hug but don't lie to me! >.< I freaking hate hate hate liars!

Have you gone through a few BFF's in your life? If so how many? Could it be that when you shed your skin when you grow, you also shed the people around you? Is it ok to just cut ties with people you still love and care about, but you just have nothing to talk about anymore, or just simply no respect for their life style?

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