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Monday, January 4, 2010


The frustrations in my life drove me to make a last minute escape to my city. I was very nervous for some reason. Not sure why. I felt like I was visiting a friend I had not seen in years. Actually xD that is a little ironic...

I could not do everything I wanted to do. My knee slowed me down, and I get this awful pain in that back of my leg once I start walking to much. So I laid low with my OBFF from H.S. We enjoyed 80's movies and music. We reminisced and acted a fool! I got to eat most of what I wanted just not the best in town. So I am still craving a good NY Slice and yummy greasy chinese! ^_^

No matter how small and compact NYC can be. I just feel like I am home when I am there. I came back, to my comfy home here, yet I still feel like a transplant! Life is strange, cruel, and unfair. I was very close to someone from my past. Someone I once considered a BFF. The fear just stopped me from letting him know I was there. When I finally did rack up the nerves to see him, I called, text, and called again, he was nowhere to be found. This happens with us a lot! Le sigh... xD he might be reading this so I won't say anymore!

Good night! xoxo



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