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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are men really like children?

This was a topic today on "facebook" I was astonished by some of the things the other females were saying. I do not know what they were trying to prove by make others think that they would never say something like this about men...? Seriously? The person was high offended by the one of the quote Coco Chanel is famous for, "as long as you know that men are like children then you know everything." He proceeded with his statement by insulting her name, and come up with ludicrous ideas...

I know discussing other threads and group things is not the blog norm however, It is my blog and I do what I want with it! lol Enjoy the read blogga's

Here was my reply-

I ask the same Read it all because I will not repeat myself... I apologize ahead of time if this offends anyone. I can be very blunt but I really mean no harm...

First of all... "Woman are like prostitutes" how does this even Justify your statement? Making fun of her name? You just proved her right by saying something like that. Maybe these other females in here are trying to sugar coat things for I am not sure what reason, however, I will speak in honesty even if it hurts.

Men always are always saying how women are to sensitive we are driven by emotions blah blah blah if you are a grown you know what I am talking... "the usual" In reality you are the more sensitive and emotionally driven gender. Your egos are so delicate, as soon as someone challenges you or questions your man hood you pull out your sword. Men can be very unforgiving, you dissect every move we make. One wrong move and you take it way out of proportion! One mistake and that is it for us! You quickly label us and catch a huge tantrum! There are many examples I could use to prove and justify what I mean but in this case I believe most of you should know what I am talking about. A man is very much a like a child but I think you are misinterpreting it. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or capability to be a "real man" or functioning as human being. What she was referring to is your actions on how you deal with most issues and relationships.

Just in case you would like an example... I'll throw a very common one in because I can see one of you asking me for one. Take a man and woman in a rocky state in their relationship. She has found out he has been unfaithful. For what ever reason they decide to do therapy she gives him the benefit of the doubt that it was a mistake and he is only human and that there is still Love in the relationship. 95% of the time if the roles were reverse and it is the women that slipped! Oh no... forget about it she is toast. She is immediately a whore, no excuses just simply a whore! You shun her because she is a worthless and undignified... I say 95% because I believe that there are still some men that will set the ego aside and possibly forgive and try to understand why it happened and try to work it out.

Simply look at how offensive you are getting because of one itty bitty comment made. LOL Do you know who many comments like this us women have to face everyday? Yet we still keep our heads up and continue with our lives. We are constantly degraded and are victimized by sexism. We fight it with proving ourselves and walking with our head high. Look at how much that one thing hurt you. That throwing a fit and making fun of her name is a very child like reaction.... If you are a "real man" and so superior, that coco channel quote should not effect you!

P.S. exsuse the typos got no time for spell check today... again I say this with mucho love and respect I already know There are a few good men within this thread! xoxo


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