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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleep Laughing...

You know how some people talk in their sleep regularly... Well, it has been brought to my attention that I laugh in my sleep! I know, I know this is random but I promise it gets a little interesting.

At first it was my husband that would tell, man you were laughing last night, I think it's cute. I would say things like "uh?? ok whatever?" followed by an eye roll! Then my mom came to visit recently to take care of me with my knee injury thingy. One morning she making me breakfast and she tells me "you must have been dreaming something very funny cuz you where laughing it up last night... I thought you were still awake! I even asked you; hey you are still up?" I just looked at her... "you know I actually had a bit of scary and awkward dream, it would definitely not call it funny" (I do not remember the dream I just remember what I said.) She says "really? hmm". So there after its been a lingering thought. That being said, I do recall waking up with a good laugh but I would be laughing in my dream. Not sure what is up with nightmare laughs?

I haven't found much information on this Sleep Laughing. What I found was a lot of blogs about people wondering or outting a sleep laugher; "my girlfriend laughs in her sleep is that normal?" or "My friend slept over and she tells me my laughing keeps her up" Things of that nature, people trying to figure out what this means or if it is normal. I have no worries, I can't imagine this doesn't mean anything bad. I guess it is better than farting in your sleep! xD hahahaha....

My BFF suggested I record myself sleeping just to see how often I do this, and log what I dreamnt about. Call me a Geek I wear that title proudly! ^_^ Science and research fasinates me. Don't even get me started on Astronomy! Well TTFN my readers! You better start commenting on me more! G'z show a Blogga sum love :o/

xoxo, J

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