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Monday, December 7, 2009

Forgive me for things that I cannot control...

Ever said or heard that prayer? I can admit that I have probably said it before. We all have it, that dragon that rattles it's cage within you. Could you imagine if this world had a place where you can just deposit all your secrets and inner thoughts? What kind of story would it tell? How would other beings around us look see us? To the people that do no believe in a higher power or the battle between good and evil. Really? How can you ignore the evil inside you? How can we just be an accident? I believe in the big bang, of course look at animals, and germs, and microscopic living things, like the flu, that constantly evolve. These things do kill and revolve around the world on survival instincts. They do not steal, murder, or lust. Only we do, they kill to eat or to survive. Do not tell me that we do the same, because then you are saying the murder, rape and pedophilia is also the natural course of life. It is not! It is pure evil, an evil that lives amoung us and inside us.

I am not here to preach and force my beliefs on anyone. I am just here to write and express my thoughts or a.k.a blog. Just wanted to get this off my chest, because I find myself battling my inner demons everyday. I get the feeling we all do. No! I am not a sick perv! lol Well maybe a little perverted but only the good stuff I promise ^_^ but I guess we all can be a little naughty hee hee.

What helps me tame my inner beast is knowing what is at stake. The consequences of me just letting it all out and doing what ever I want can destroy my life and possibly others. I don't want to scare you, its nothing crazy just those little things. For example, like wanting to kick somebody's ass, or wanting to just runaway from it all! Wanting to just be larger than life I guess, ^_^ and then some... can't tell you all my secrets right?

A woman without secrets is like a glass with no wine... J

xoxo J


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