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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"We will be Victorious"

So about the new "V" series. I like the direction of the new adaptation to the series. Why are aliens always so hot? Anna is smoking! for a chick ;O) I was disappointed in the fact their voices are normal. But I guess now that I know there are others on the planet it all came together. I saw the old series on syfy on sunday I loved it! I believe the new "V" is going a different direction but I can see that the scenario seems to make more sense... ;O)

Again why are aliens always hot? For all you know we can be hot the ones lol! XD I am a huge Sci-fi buff! I love astronomy I am fascinated with the stars. Not sure if an arrival would frighten me or intrigue me! How about you? Do you believe aliens are the good guys or the bad? I mean if they wanted to harms us I think they would have done it by now.... Or maybe you just believe they do not exist. What ever it may be I'd like to hear what you have to say!

What song is on my mind?
Sia- Under the milky way <---click span="span">


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