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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood

Yes! They were soldiers and I am not surprised! The U.S. military does not encourage their solider enough to get psychiatric evaluations after their deployments and just expect them be thrown back into the world as if nothing happened... Also, counseling is frowned upon. Soldiers are afraid to go to therapy because of the fear of getting kicked out, or looked at in strange. Sometimes they overlook the early signs and say nothing is wrong, until somebody snaps! I hope military families and soldiers speak up about this issue more which is in fact very common. Just a fews months ago a Sgt. snapped at clinic killed a young soldier... this has been going on far too long and long too often!

P.S. This country needs to learn how to care for their soldiers better. It not just about physical health, mental heath should be at the top of their requirements list!


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