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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kids? For what?

No matter what you do, some how you end up messing your child up... Since children do not come with manual. You assume that you know what is best for your kid by your own personal life experiences. However, you are already messed up my your designated parents. So what makes you think you will be any better. Ok so maybe you a new and improved parent model. :O) And be smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes your parents did. In my case my father was the main cause of the majority of the issue I face now. My mom basically did nothing about so I guess that also makes her partially responsible. XD

I disliked my father so much that when people told me "you are just like your father" it would piss me off! I mean it was like spitting in my face. I once vowed I would not be like him. Arrogant, self centered, player, asshole, sexist, egotistical, demanding, selfish, work-a-holic pretty much a major A-hole! I have to give myself a little credit for the effort because I could have been worse. I managed to not be exactly like my father. Some things did rub off; attitude wise. I am a bit a neurotic, self centered, perfectionista, artistic, loyal, laid back but also a party girl... Not bad right?

Nevertheless I am a perfectionist so :o/ there we go, that is it! This is how I will mess things up! I am extremely hard on myself... So I know I am going to be hard on my offspring!

Kids give me cold feet. Most people are scared of marriage. I got married and that has turned out just fine. Having children to me is the ultimate leap! You are bound this person for life once you have taken this step. You can no longer spare being a little irresponsible and spontaneous. One of the biggest things I do not like is routine. I hate it! It is something I can not tolerate. I like to be able to do what I want, where ever I want at anytime! So maybe that makes me a bit selfish but, who cares! it is my life! :O/

If I ever become pregnant I will embrace it I guess. I am not sure if I will ever desire children; who knows maybe I will change my mind some day. For now babies are at the very bottom of my list of things to do, written in crayon that is fading away! XD

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peppermayo said...

following you now, fellow AF wife! wish to know you better through this blog! again, thanks for visiting mine! ;p

Jan April said...

ahahaha.. this post made me lol.. LMAO..
EPIC WIN!!! I feel like i'm the one who wrote this post... lol.. although i loathe everyone in the family.. when i say everyone, its everyone.. from dad to the youngest brother.. lol..

but i still manage to grow up a lil' bit better than worst.. ahaha..

and oh em gee.. i really don't feel like getting married yet.. lol.. maybe 4-5 yrs from now.. about kids.. im not sure.. i dont heart for that idea yet..

btw, followed u.. ;)

Jeremae here

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