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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hooray for SGU ^_^

Most of us Stargate fans were very excited about "Stargate Universe" I was almost worried about it when I heard it was going to be a younger crew. I am very satisfied on what I have been seeing so far. It's refreshing, it seems to a bit more dark and mysterious, but with a just the right amount of humor. I over heard a fan (more like impostor) say "space crew gets lost in the depths of the universe? Battle Star Galactica did it first!" Obviously if you are really a true sci-fi space cadet you would know Star Trek was first ^_^

Not really here to debate about that, I was just very impressed with SGU that sex scene. It almost knocked off my chair! XD for a second I thought somebody accidently tuned into some soft core. The new design of the stargate is very bold and mesmerizing! Although it is supposed to be a more ancient model it is still a sight for sore eyes. The cast is amazing! Anybody else excited about Lou Diamond Phillips? I wonder if they will keep SG1 a bit longer? I love Ming-na as well! If you haven't got into stargate yet you should really check this one out. You can view the first 2 episodes here or you can download them in HD quality on iTunes for free!


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