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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Good Collector

This morning I woke up to the delightful call of a collector. I was surprised to learn that I was delinquent on my Lane Bryant card for 2 months. "How could this be" I asked. I apologized immediately and explained this has to be a big misunderstand. I have not received anything in the mail in regards to this. I also told her I am going through a deployment right now and it has been the worst one so far. My mind hasn't been right so if I didn't get the bill I definitely forgot about it. I also do not shop there often so it really slipped my mind. She said "I completely understand and I can see why that would throw anybody off, I also see here that all your statements where "returned to sender" so we are aware that there was a communication issue" I asked her is there was any way I could talk to the CC company directly so I could negotiate the late fees. She then said "It is ok I will talk care of all the late fees! and all you have to do is pay the minimum to make your account current" I think she heard my heart thump! I was shocked that she was being so kind and understanding about this! That being said it was taken care of and that is behind me now!

The moral of the story is, I guess not all collectors are evil after all. It also helps if you are courteous yourself! I can be ghetto latina fabulous sometimes if brought out of me. However, for the most part I tend to treat people the way I want to be treated. I am sure you will still get the misunderstood uneducated CSR that will treat you rudely because they do not care and appreciate their job! Remember, you attract bees with honey, so even if they are rude if you return them with kindness, karma will be kind to you as well! I have noticed since I have been a little more positive lately things have been running a little more sooth in my life.

I was a bit upset about the mail, because they did have the correct address, but most of you know that I had a ignorant neighbor, and I do know for a fact that sometimes our mail would get mixed up. So this means instead of walking a few feet to the next door on her left she was returning to sender my stuff! Isn't that just great! I hope things in her life become better, you have to miserable individual to something like... I really hope she is blessed in her life! :O/

P.S. I got new nieghbors I think, not sure when they will move so stay tuned for that! ;O)
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