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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wow, I do not think I am meant to live in a house. Spiders, crickets, beetles, antz... de todo! My cars are parked outside by my car port of course. I went out this past friday for drinks and a movie with my girls. One the way I killed about 2 spiders in my car! Wow not so much of an escape from home. I don't know what to do!! Do you exterminate the shit out of my car? I am not from the south I didn't know the bugs get that comfortable in your car? >.< I get nervous looking at my other car. I don't even want to know what is there since it is closer to my house and under the carport where the bug seem to creepy crawl the most. Don't get me wrong My house isn't infested the issue is outside living in the effin base that resembles country living. No offense country folk just not used to all this nature. Just like if "ya'll" come up to my territory you'd be scared of that you might get robbed in the middle of the day! Nature freaks me out! I love my house and it's size all the leg rooms and it is neat. No clutter! I sure miss apartment living. Sigh... :O( what to do?


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