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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Almost 1.5 months now...

What can I say... He is there I am here. I have heard from him a few times this week tho he seems very said and not himself but he is fine. I plan to escape to NYC soon. Going to stay with my very old BFF. Just so happens she lives off 174th. Yup I remember that area very well... I guess it will be fun her and I are never bored together ^_^ I need a slice of NY Pizza and late night white castle run O yes go shopping around Fordham.

This year has been odd for me. Lots of ups and down, and changes. I am also trying to make changes within myself. Because of my depression, I started to become more critical. I try to talk more about my dreams an ideas instead of all my problems. Which I actually got burnt for doing this, and for trying to be less argumentative. But what ever, who cares; Like the saying goes "remove the plank out of your eye before you tell me to remove the speak of sawdust from mine. Which is something I am trying to do, I am trying to better myself before I can say anything about someone else.
I am glad I still have friends although I have lost a few this year ^_^ well, more like they lost me! I might have my flaws but I believe a pretty loyal and true with people. I thank god for my small circle of friends who have been very supportive through this rough period in my life! They love me for who I am and make it easy to be friends with them. I thank God that my marriage did not end when I thought it was going to end. When people were starting to think we should not be together. I am glad I fought for my marriage and didn't give up. When people are away from you it is when you appreciate them is when you notice their value more. My husband is truly my best friend. We are like ying and yang. We balance each other out. When we are away from each other I feel so uneasy and like my world is spinning. I get the sense he feels the same way to....


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