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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pirates Rrrrr!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean Somalia...
Does anybody else finds this hilarious? lmfao, I feel bad for Captin Hostage, If I were him I'd just join pirates :OD Rrrrrr!!! Can you imagine ever being held captive by pirates? These are the kind of things that happen in movies, or books! What we here in legends and folk tails. I wonder what he is really thinking about. When he tried to escape I am sure he thought "Terrorist!! Al Qaeda!!" Can you imagine his face when he figured out "Ir?? Pirates?" Do you think he think he is fearing for his life, Or how famous he will be when gets out of this one? (I sincerely hope he is unharmed and makes it back home in one piece) however, one can only wonder in this adventure if he marking this as the worse day of his life the greatest adventure he tell his grandchildren about...
The Pirates Have Risen
Good Article on this
P.S. I did not write this with any malicious intentions, I really hope he is alright and this ends well, then we can really look back at this and laugh ;O)


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