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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Thoughts on Americal Idol

It is official, I believe I have given everybody a chance to show me what they can do... Here are the Top 3 that I would like to see battle it out in the end... I am not listing them in order of my favorite, Every week I have a new favorite within these three. I am a singer myself so I do have a few things to day about singing ;O)

Adam Lambert, I know a lot of you find him "Gay" (what ever) This guy can hit notes that not a lot of men can, and even if they do, to make it sound effortless it what makes him stand out. He reminds of Freddie Mercury, (not saying is like him) just saying there styles are so similar and I am a HUGE fan of Queen! I would love to see him sing "The Show Must Go On" I believe he would nail this song... and he tends to pick the wrong songs for his voice. This week he sang on of my favorite songs "Mad World" he sung it with such fluidity it drew me right in, making me fall in love with the song all over again...

Here is Adams Clip

Danny Gokey (sigh...) I have a little crush on him. To sing "Hero by Mariah Carey" takes some serious talent. Especially if you are guy! This is all I have to say about him. I could not find the live performance with a video I could have posted other live videos, however this specific song had to be heard by those that have not heard him sing "Hero" ;O)

Dannys Video

Allison Iraheta, honestly, If Alexis Grace were still in the comperition she would have been in her place. I really love Allisons voice, she reminds me of "Joan Jett" (you know "I love Rock N Roll, Put Anotha Dime in the Jukebox baby") and "Heart" really if you don't know how heart is Google them lol! (in the clip she is sing a song by Heart) I just feel that she does not need American Idol, Kara said it herself she is ready to make a record with her! In my opinion the title of American Idol should go to the person that has the dream, but needs a chance to heard and molded into a star because they have an unforgettable voice but still needs direction and work. Allison is already a STAR yes, she deserves to be there, (please do not twist my words) I am just saying she will be a Star with or without American Idol.

Allison Video

Bonus Video Alexis Grace!

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