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Monday, March 23, 2009

The U.S. goverment wants to keep us uneducated!

There can't be any other reason why education is not free! (I am speaking of College here) The same way health care is privatized and how these companies have abused this privilege they have. The same goes with universities and colleges. So far the average tuition rate in American from what I have seen is $80-$400 per credit hour. This ranges between Community Colleges and Universities. One course is about 3-4 credit hours do the math!

Do not let them fool you with "financial aid should cover it" Do you have any idea what they mean but this? You get a government grant that covers maybe... 40% if you are starving and you get the highest possible amount grant money available. Guess what happened to the rest! No it does not magically disappear, nor does the government aid you by saying "we got the rest ;) study in peace" You finance the rest in student loans.

I once heard, on a documentary, that the average American is in debt by at least $30,000.00 when they graduate from college. Not even taking into account the individuals that later pursues their masters. This is just your Bachelors, which lately it is becoming the new H.S. Diploma. You now have to have a bachelors to be a receptionist (know how to answer a phone and greet customers) you need a degree for this? lol! Not every single company is doing this, however I have seen and heard of ads that are making it a requirement.

You go to other countries like France or England. Their education is free! Health care is free! Why because Education and Health care are socialized. There is a reason why the U.S.A. is considered one the most stupidest countries, and hated by so many. We toot our horn and act like we are the greatest country in the world but the fact is that we are not! While other countries want their people to advance and grow, were they see an education as a necessity not a luxury. The U.S. that my husband has vowed to protect holds its people back. Bailing high rollers like AIG!! Instead of bailing out the people so that we can grow and educate ourselves. Making it impossible for people like me that do not want just sit here like a vegetable and have a mediocre living!

This all leads my current situation, having to deal with online schools because of my life style. I also have to deal with financing my education, constantly sniffing around for scholarships and grants. Stressing myself so that I am not a slave to the ball and chain that this country calls debt! Do not assume that I was poor student in H.S. I graduated with a honors. I was granted a sufficient city grant that allowed me to have a free ride at Monroe College in the Bronx. The Tyrant in my life, who is sometimes known as my Father, he took all of this away from me! I played the obedient daughter roll. Listen to my father; thought he would support me through my journey of making my dreams come true. Nope! This was not the case when I lost my funds. My father yanked me out of NYC at virtual gunpoint. Tore all my dreams apart! I will not get into more details this is all you need to know. So here I am trying to fight the power! Mean while my own country does not support me, neither did my family.

Please do not see this as me just being bitter. In many ways I have forgiving my father and moved on. Just on days like this where I find out that school I am going to is trying so hard to steal my money for a half Ass education. I brings my spirits down, it makes me feel like I am worthless and I have done something so terrible to throw my karma off. Then all the hate and regret creeps up again... I tired of all of this I am sick and tired, but because I am Jennifer Melisa Santiago-Gonzalez!! My heart will not let me give up! I know there has got to be some way for me to overcome this struggle >:O(

P.S. Thus how they will always keep us under control! "A nation that is educated has power"


Dissolved Girl said...

There is so much that I can say about this. Most of which I have told you but I will repeat this: Try not to be discouraged. You are doing a great job. I know it is not easy but you know what? God knows that you are strong and he knows you can handle it. He never gives us more then what we can handle. Just know this that once you are done you will be able to tell everyone “Fuck you; I did this with out you.” It is a great feeling. I know it felt great saying that to the man I call father.

Also know that there are others that are extremely proud of you, love you and will try all that they can do to help, even if the help is to be the listening ear.

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