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Saturday, March 14, 2009

An alternative to mayo!

We’ve all heard it, “Mayo is high in fat, it will clog your arteries, AVIOD MAYO!!!” Is it really that bad? Not bad enough for me to never eat it again. I have always been pretty careful; I usually just spread it thinly on my bread. However, if you are like me, you don’t believe in diets, but enjoy juicy sandwiches and flavor, but trying to make some changes to your eating habits, you might like this idea. If you are a diet lover even better! Of course as I mentioned I love my mayo I am not going to completely remove it from my life. Moderation is key when it comes to eating well.

Ok here it goes I won’t keep you waiting any longer. No, it isn’t Mustard. Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO are my new best friends! (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) It works great with Chicken, Turkey, and Tuna! It is even great for salads to; it beats those creamy dressing which I do not care for much and sometimes not so healthy. Tuna sammiches were my biggest mayo dilemma. We have all done it, adding 3 or 4 tablespoons to your tuna salad, and if you don't measure you might be adding a lot more. I don’t know about you, I personally do not like dry tuna or dry sammiches in general. Kraft Mayo has about 90 calories! Do the math, even those olive oil ones can get dangerous with 60 calories you still pile up to a hefty sum.

Basic Tuna Salad-

3 oz. Bumble Bee Albacore in water
4 tablespoons of Mayo

(If you don’t measure you probably putting about 5 or 6 Tbps)

Total Calories- 450 Total Fat- 41g

Balsamic Tuna-

3 oz. Bumble Bee Albacore in water
2 tablespoon of EVOO
2 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar

(I season the tuna with 1 Tsp of Parsley, Pinch of Black pepper and Dash of Garlic Powder about a Tsp of each and I add some green when I am layering up my sammich, like spring mix and baby spinach. I recommend toasting the bread)

Total calories 340 Total Fat 29g

You save 110 calories and 12 grams of Fat.... That is an extra snack right there

Remember I am actually being nice, an assuming that most of you measure the mayonnaise you are plopping onto your tuna! So if you are free slapping those globs of mayo you might be putting an extra 180 calories to my recipe of my original tuna salad. Of course it isn't all about calories saving try it out just for the sake of exploring new flavors. This Balsamic Tuna is very moist and tasty. I also have a great Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe coming soon! ;O) Stay Tuned Foodies! I'll be adding pictures soon as well!

Yours Truly, J


Cesar said...

Sounds good lol.. By the way i didn't even know i had you on my blog how did that happen ? thanks for fallowing, i like writing..

Lulu J said...

lol I just found you today, ;O) I am new to this

Cesar said...
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