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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mad Men- Season 6 Predictions

In the very first episode of mad men we meet the back of the notorious Don Draper slick hair. It begins in the very early 1960's where a bit of the late 50's still lingered. The pin-ups, the very classy glamour, men in there three-piece suits, cigarettes and lots of derogatory statements towards women.

The early to mid 60's came and went. Suits have gotten more simple and laid back, women have become more daring and loosened up their girdles. With the finale of Mad Men's season 5 we just entered the late 60's.

The late 60's get's real interesting. With the sexual revolution at its brink, we should be seeing many of our favorite characters change dramatically. The golden era innocence flew out the picket fence, music is changing, fashion is changing. Roger Sterling was still set in his three-piece suit last season, but he certainly knows how to party now, wink wink. Maybe Don is changing too? There's no telling what Don decided to do with the PYT's offer in the last episode.

We can continue speculating, but there there are so many directions the next season can take us. However, what we do know is how the late 1960's looked. It was psychedelic, big bouffant hair, the shag, vibrant colors, art, drugs, and legendary music! So let's have a little fun with that. :)

Will Don steer away from his sharp suits, hair wax, and trench? Don's an old dog set in his ways. I'm hoping to see him is more colors. Perhaps he'll need glasses; could clue in others about his real age. Ooo...

In the last season I think we saw the beginning of his mid-life crisis. Will Roger be a little more groovy?

If Joan remains to be the bombshell she is, she will remain sexy. If so we may see some very cute Brigitte Bardot looks! Selling her soul the way she did last season could really do some damage, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

She will continue to be very professional. With the people she's been hanging around, lets hope she starts to let loose when she's not at work. We've seen her take risks before, so perhaps she will go with the very short famous 60's mod bob. :)

This can go two ways; disaster or reinvention. She deserves a second chance, the writers have my permission to turn Don into the fat toad. If Betty breaks out of her cocoon she will stick to her classy ways, but will be on trend. Late's 60's Audrey fashion would fit her well.


Meg's new found fame will change her, even if its only 15 minutes of fame. A little Liz Taylor, a little artsy, or hippie maybe?

Somebody has to go Shag... Might as well be Peter. He is going through so much with his job and his marriage. Would be nice to see him be young and wild for a change. He is probably the least favorite Mad Man, but he could use a break. His hard work has to pay off some how or perhaps be his undoing?


Till next time readers, hope you enjoyed! Drop a comment. -_^

oXo, J

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