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Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road

Ever wonder why Dorothy was told to follow they yellow brick road? Why not just a short cut or simple directions like pass the river or cut through the forest? I am a classic movie buff. Movie back then were never just movies. Many topics were taboo. So there were a lot of hidden meanings to things subtle remarks. Sometime just deeper meanings to things that seem so whimsical.

At night when I am in bed I ponder and give thoughts to many things. My life, my goals, etc... For some reason tonight I can't get that effing song out of my head lol! "Follow the yellow brick road follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road. This theory came to mind. The reason she was told to follow the yellow brick road was so that she stayed focused on where she was going. With all the trials and things she kept running into she stayed on that road. Focused and determine she stayed on it and made it. Even when it would curve around a few times she stayed on it.

I need to find my yellow brick road. When I do I will stay on it. I've been pushed out of path for so long I don't know where I am heading to anymore. I have a lot of friends that are making career moves. I mean a real career not just a job. My advice is to stay focused and keep going. It might seem like you are going nowhere but at least you know were you want to be and that is all you need. That is your yellow brick road so stay on it! Even if it takes you through long pointless loops.


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