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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feeling very Noxema Jackson...

For those that have seen "Too wong foo" Know what I am talking about... My Torrid package has arrived and I tore that box up! Immediately I reached for the shoes! As we read I still haven't looked through rest of my new threads. I have not finished enjoying this moment yet. I was so nervous about them not fitting but as they slipped on like an hand and a glove =^_^= A burst of of emotions over came me! It felt like christmas morning when I was 6 six years old!

I must say though, these are comfy to the feel but a serious force against gravity, I am going to have to walk around in these to get used to them. I don't want these to just be the "eff" me heels xD I plan to show these off in public!

Here's to another shoe tale with a happy ending! I can't express the joy in my heart right now, to know that they fit perfectly! =^_^= I end it with this... Know thy feet well, it takes a lot of practice to online shoe shop! I have been through many shoe tragedies especially online....

xoxo, J


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