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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is war

The new 30 seconds to mars album is out! Almost 5 stars on itunes. I am not sure it is 5 star this time, Oh but I do love Jared's voice. Its good, not great, maybe 3.5-stars. Nothing like that last CD which is phenomenal. I could just let it play straight through without skipping. What has me sorta uh... skipping on this one is those darn kids. It was cool for 1 or 2 songs the whole kid choir things gets annoying. It's in almost every other song. That is really the only complaint I have for the CD. If you can overlook that I can see why you would love this album.

I can be very picky with music though. I don't even like Lady Gaga that much. I have her albums and there are songs I love and songs I hate. It is the same relationship I have with Beyonce, which is a love and hate one. "Bad Romance" O yes, I really relate to that one lol! -_^ I understand that Jared wanted it to be more spiritual and deep, but I truly believe he doesn't realize how deep he is already. The last album was very spiritual, in my opinion a bit deeper than this "thisiswar".

Most artist including myself can be this way. I am always hard on myself, and feeling like I could do better. He just needed to let the music juice flow naturally. Maybe he tried a little too hard? I could be wrong of course and it is just a matter of opinion... ^_^ Please don't be mad at me Jared I still heart you!!!

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